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Hot Choco Nosework Toy

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Pet Kinship is all about "play with purpose". Our goal is to provide dog owners with fun, interactive solutions to minimise behavioural problems in a positive way. Often, behavioural problems stem from boredom. It is our philosophy that to raise a calm and happy dog; you need to give your dogs a combination of physical exercise, basic obedience training and interactive toys.

Bacon only uses certified raw materials and all toys were checked for impurities before they were available on the market. They only utilise biodegradable cottons, natural fabric and no synthetic stuffing. Each toys comes with multiple parts and there are also multiple ways of playing. The toys are highly durable due to it double layer fabric mechanism. 

feature of play and detailed sound map illustration is attached in every product.

• the soft fabric is gentle on your pet's mouth and ideal for active chewers
• the delicate texture not only protect your pet's mouth but also avoid damage to the teeth and gum
• all seams are double stitched and reinforced for rough play

Each pup plays differently and we recommend you to keep a close watch particularly during the first time a new play object is introduced. No toy is completely indestructible, so please supervise the play to ensure safety if you know your pup is not gentle with toys.


  • Machine wash
  • Do not tumble dry

Friendly heads-up ♡

Once purchased, items are yours to keep! Kindly be reminded that all items are non-refundable, non-exchangeable, and non-returnable.Thanks a bunch for your kind understanding!